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Science is advancing at a rapid pace. The way you work — how you collect, manage, analyze, share, and protect your data — has to keep up. As the world leader in serving science, Thermo Fisher Scientific is equipped to help you make that happen. Try our free solution to upgrade your lab with powerful, scalable, and secure computing capabilities.

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Automatic uploading and storing of data files

Maintain control of your experiment data with automatic upload to your private cloud account from cloud-enabled instruments or from your desktop computer.

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Remote monitoring of real-time instruments

Stay connected to cloud-enabled instruments and benchtop devices anytime, anywhere, and from any mobile device to see availability, run progress, and more.

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Intuitive web-based apps

Perform primary and secondary analysis across all your data and projects with a robust toolkit of fast and powerful analysis software.

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Securely share your work

Use group permissions and custom sharing options to invite colleagues and collaborators to review results and perform new analyses.

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Secure, scalable data storage

Easily save and synchronize your files to your secure, personal cloud account.

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Core Informatics digital science solutions

Thermo Fisher Scientific has acquired Core Informatics, a provider of leading cloud-based solutions, including laboratory information management systems (LIMS), electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) technologies, and scientific data management solutions (SDMS). 
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